raw • talismanic • artisanal

uniquely unusual artwear

inspired by nature

crafted by hand

Bones, Stones, Rocks & Crystals

Talismanic Adornment

Beginning with a Bone

For pendants to rings and more

Magical Moments

Beginnings, from a bone....

Bone and tooth. Rock and crystal. Sea and sand. Magic and metal smithing.

Empowering beauty emulsified into Talismanic Adornment, Collection 13, a Spiritual Apothecary brewed from the heart, soul and imagination of designer Kimberly Cihlar.

Constant connection and immediate liberation, the merging of magical moments and mundanity - found objets – Nature's own trinkets bonded with a lifetime of collected bits of style, a collision of eclectic wanderlust and quotidian existing.

Everything originating from with a small, gleaming, sun-bleached femur bone found on a wild nature preserve near New York City.

Discover Your True Nature with Collection 13's Talismanic Adornments, artistic renderings that embrace magic and meaning, empowerment and protection, for the wearer, the gifter and the receiver.


We 🖤 Special Orders!

All our artistic renderings are available in a variety of metals, finishes, with the potential for personally-chosen crystal or gemstone addtitions. Please contact us for special orders, custom requests and variations on anything we have on site. We will get back to you with pricing and timeline allowances and look forward to crating your personal custome creations. DM us on IG or email us at hello@collection13.com. 🖤

Upcoming Makers Markets


Warwick Spring Love Local Maker Market 2024

By Lila Aromatherapy and Collection 13 Spiritual Apothecary, together under one tent! Saturday, May 4th and Sunday May 5th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm at Lewis Park, 80-92 Main St, Warwick, NY. 


Blossom Festival at Rose Hill Farm

April 27th & 29th

19 Rose Hill Farm Red Hook, New York


The Farmhouse Project at the Barn at Hubbard

Next month, the Makers Market at The Barn on Hubbard, May 18-19, 11-5 pm, in Callicoon!