Care of Handmade Talismanic Happiness

The Talismanic Adornments of Collection 13's Spiritual Apothecary are primarily handmade, uniquely one of a kind wearable art. Jewelry ART! As an artist I let the stone, the bone, the rock or the crystal "speak" to me to "know" how the piece should be formed. I would not consider these normal, everyday pieces of jewelry, although they are meant to be worn and loved and treasured and patina'd.

While you CAN wear your Collection 13 Spiritual Apothecary Talismanic Adornments every day, please note that you should take great pride and care when wearing, sleeping, washing. Everything in this collection is designed, made, crafted with love and care and consideration. The gold-tone brass I work with is a high quality brass that is meant to have as little tarnishing, or "turning," as possible, but note that some areas, climates, even water Ph balances or hardness might affect its coloration. Even a human's own chemical biome can affect the vagaries and variances of a metal's hue. Please take care not to wear while swimming, showering, bathing, doing dishes, etc. (you get the drill). Also please note proximity of pieces to hard furniture or appliances. If a crystal is knocked into a hard surface, you could chip, crack or even lose the rock.

Generally stones and crystals are not able to be repaired, so please handle gingerly and take great care with the fragility of your pieces. While strong in their power they can easily be fragile in their wearing. Please take care of your beloved! If a crystal or stone should break free into the wild, repairs can be performed for a nominal charge. We love you and we love that you love our pieces! Here's to a lifetime of happiness, wear and empowering Talismanic Adornment!